a b c is a Vienna - and since 2022 - also Paris-based public relations and communications consultancy working across architecture, design and the arts. Founded by Ana Berlin in 2012, a b c works has delivered tailored strategic communications campaigns and expert guidance to prestigious clients such as cultural institutions, commercial galleries, biennales, manufacturers, design fairs, architects and property developers across Europe.


We create strategic communication campaigns that are aligned to your business objectives. By analyzing your business goals, we will help you articulate your brand and translate it into creative communication campaigns for your target audiences.

We function best by cultivating trusted relationships with our clients, most of whom have been working with us for many years. We are inspired by the idea of an exciting future and impactful campaigns that keep us challenged, and you ahead of the curve.

Cultural Consultancy & Brand Strategy
Cultural Activations & Publications
Media & Press Relations
Digital & Social Media
Sponsorship & Partnerships
Media Training & Workshops

Ana Berlin founded a b c in 2012, after living in the US & France where she studied, then worked as a journalist and taught at the Sorbonne in Paris. After moving back to Vienna, Ana believed it was time for a new approach to communications for the cultural sector, and built a like-minded team of experts who provide out of the box solutions to keep a b c’s clients ahead of the curve. In 2022 Ana opened an a b c dependence in Paris to again enforce exchange and knowledge after the pandamic years.

In 2022 Ana also published ‘Kiss the Messenger - The ABC of Public Relations’, a PR handbook tailored to the needs of individual/ small team entrepreneurs who are striving to raise their profile.


Kiss the Messenger - The ABC of Public Relations is a handbook written in German for public relations and media work, tailored to the needs of architects, designers, photographers, graphic artists, visual artists, project managers, start-ups - in short, to entrepreneurs who strive for more publicity for their content as a one-woman show or in a team.

180 pages

Softcover with ribbon

16 x 21 cm

18 Euro


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a b c works

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